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    filtering dashboards

    Scott Magboo

      Filtering or Actions on Multiple data sources on one dashboard.


      Tableau Version 6.1


      I have several data sources (Excel Files) that have only one field in common. Each sheet has an office indicator, but the data really doesn’t have any connection with other data fields from file to file. The idea / desire are to have a dashboard or two (multiple pages may be necessary) with four different reports (sheets) per dashboard that would be controlled with the main dashboard filter by office.


      The mockup workbook attached has only two data sources and is rather rudimentary, but I believe serves the purpose of this example.

      Right now, with the quick filter shown, the employee sheet is filtered to Atlanta, but then I need to select within the employee data to filter the product to Atlanta.


      The hope is that one selection would filter all views in the workbook to show the appropriate office details, in this case. Atlanta.