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    Multi-field wildcard search

    Zach Leber

      We show text tables with many dimensions that users may want to filter on but rather than add separate quick filters for each dimension I created a calculated field that concatenates the dimensions and allows a single wildcard filter to search them all.  As long as values within each dimension are sufficiently distinct, this works very well, saves screen space, and is easier for the user.  I've attached a workbook showing our use case and also an example using the coffee data that shows how you can even enter simple combinations to filter on multiple dimensions.  I found this discussion in the archives asking this same question and suggesting a similar approach.  This method works even if the dimension being filtered on is not in the view, as long as it is part of the concatenated field that is used.  When you add the filter, make it WIldcard, Contains, Include All Values When Empty.  When you then add the quick filter, set it to Wildcard Match.

      Multi-field wildcard search.pngMulti-field wildcard search 2.png