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    Dynamic filtering and data blending/joining

    Tandra Bidyananda



      For the sample data attached, I am trying to use the filters in the "Specific_code" sheet to decide how to blend data (using defined relationships) for the "All_codes" sheet. My main purpose with this workbook is to dynamically filter on a certain code in the "Specific_code" sheet, and have this action update/filter the data in "All_codes" sheet using the 2 blended fields, "After_time" and "Before_time".


      I can achieve a similar result using the Custom SQL below.










        "X"."ID" AS "ID",

        DATE("X"."TIME") AS "DATE",

        "X"."TIME" AS "TIME",

        "X"."CODE" AS "CODE"

      FROM "ADMIN"."X" "X"

      ) "A"





        "X"."ID" AS "ID",

        "X"."CODE" AS "CODE",

        "X"."TIME" AS "TIME",

        DATE("X"."TIME") as "DATE",

        MIN("Y"."TIME" - interval '1 hour' ) as "BEFORE_TIME",

        MIN("Y"."TIME" + interval '1 hour' ) as "AFTER_TIME"

      FROM "ADMIN"."X" "X"

        WHERE "CODE"='1569.31'

      GROUP BY




      ) "B"


      ON "A"."ID" = "B"."ID" AND "A"."DATE"= "B"."DATE"




      Is there anyway to achieve the same in Tableau?





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          Tracy Rodgers

          Hi Tandra,


          I have reattached your workbook with what I think is the desired outcome. Look at Sheet5. Click on one of the Codes and it will filter the All_Codes worksheet. To do this, a couple things needed to be done. First, more relationships needed to be made between the data sources. To see which ones were added, go to Data-->Edit Relationships.


          Then, a filter action was added to Sheet5 and was directed at the All_Codes worksheet; a specific field was added to filter on Code. I hope this helps!



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            Tandra Bidyananda

            Hi Tracy,


            What I am trying to do is based on the filtered code in "Specific Code", let us say 1569.31, I want to see all the records with all codes that happened on the same date and Id combinations.


            So if I filter for 1569.31, then I should see all codes for the Id and date associated with the 2 records that pop up, i.e. Id=X1 and dates= 1/14 and 2/24. With the blending I want to pull in the before_time and after_time columns for the 1569.31 records into the "All_codes" table.


            Attached is an excel workbook of how I want this to look like. The records in Sheet 1 with "Final_selection"=Y are the records I need. Hope it makes more sense.