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    Sometime I lost my formatting when I refresh

    Gabriel Vargas

      1.- I set up the column with the percentage format,  like 0.00%,

      format por.png

      but sometime when I refresh the data, I lost the format, and look like 0

      format notpor.png


      the column is a calculation like  IFNULL((sum([UnitsActualFeb]))/sum([UnitsBudgetFeb]),0)


      I using TableAu 6.1,


      There is a way to force that always use the same format?

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          Eric Berry

          Hi Gabriel,


          I tried reproducing an extract refresh on the latest 6.1 desktop version against the sample Superstore file and using a similar aggregate calculation of profit ratio as you entered and was not able to reproduce the error.


          Can you tell me the exact build # when you click Help...About Tableau.  The one I tried it with was 6.1.8 (6100.12.0315.2000). 


          Tableau 7.0 is out for release now, you may want to consider upgrading as another alternative.