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    offline data layers

      I'm in the middle of my 14 day trial.


      i need to generate a color based county level map that shows units sold (standard routinue darker the shade = more untis sold).  From there I need to plot each of my stores and indicate its budget.


      I was able to make the county level map about 15 minutes after installing the software. I believe this is similar to the data layers that can be brought up from the map options. in fact it looks a lot like the housholds data layer (no surprise there).


      in another map - I was also able to plot my stores by importing geocode and sticking them under county.  used thier budgets to deterine the size each marker.  no problems - it looks great.


      I need to stack these together. considering how quick I was to make each map i'm concerened that stacking isnt so simple.  I saw other posts that indicated custom data layers were not possible.  it sure seems like that is exactly what I need since i can easily lay my store map right on top the household data layer.


      I really just need to know if I'm taking the correct apporoach.  if what I want to do is possibly without having to access a data layer then I will keep working on it.  else....


      thanks ahead for any guidance you can provide.