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    Perform table calculation on last column only

    Jeff Johnson

      I'm attempting to build a report that shows the past five years of data, and need to add columns for the last year's year-on-year and five-year growth. I can create table calculations for these for all years but I only want to show the last year (while still showing the other data for all five). Is this possible? Filtering on year applies to all of the measures (my enrollment figures and the year-on-year calculations), including using Joe Mako's proposed solution of making the table calculation evaluate to null for unwanted years and then filtering on non-null values (see http://community.tableau.com/thread/110734). That also still shows the column headers for the unwanted years. Hiding the unwanted year columns hides that year for all measures as well.


      This seems to be a pretty basic function, so I assume it's there and I'm just not finding it. I appreciate the help.



      Jeff Johnson