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    Data Blending issue when publishing to tableau server - not coming through on views

      My problem sounds very similar to this one :



      I am blending daily amounts in a tableau extract created from excel to daily amounts in a tableau server data connection. I added relationships to day, week, month, quarter, and year between the date fields in both sources so that if I expand downwards the charts will update.  Everything looks GREAT in the tableau workbook until I publish to the tableau server.  When I publish, the blending disappears and the user can only see a flat line for the secondary data.


      I am using tableau 7.0.  I have tried saving as tableau workbook and also as tableau packaged workbook, and neither works.  The only solution I can think of right now is to grab a cross tab of the daily data from the tableau extract, load it into the excel file, then pull all the amounts out of excel only. That seems to defeat the purpose of having Tableau, though.