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    Dashboard display on different size monitors

    Julia Hennelly

      When I publish my workbook to Tableau Server and go to the main dashboard that has 5 worksheets they display completely differently depending on the size of the monitor.  I develop and work on a large monitor and the worksheets are uniformly shown each taking approximately the same amount of monitor space.  When I view from my laptop the top container takes most of the space and the you can not see the bottom container which has 3 worksheets in it?  Do I have to publish a certain way or design the dashboard a certain way to eliminate this issue.  When I go to demo I have no idea of the size of monitor I am going to encounter.  Am attaching a jpeg of my dashboard.

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          Tim Latendress

          When designing your dashboard you will want to lock the size of the dashboard to reflect the most common display size used in your agency. You can set that in Tableau Desktop on the Dashboard worksheet. In the lower-left hand corner there is a section labeled "Size" -- click on Edit, then the Dashboard Size tab and select Exactly which will display two fields for you to enter the fixed size you want for your dashboard.


          That won't revolve the issue entirely as users like to select their own screen resolution but at least it should meet most of your agencies needs.


          Hope this helps.



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            Julia Hennelly

            Thank you that is helpful - I wish there was a way to indicate to fill the monitor space and maintain proportions of the individual worksheets that make up the dashboard.  I guess I need to design for a laptop as that is most common.  Thanks,