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    Page shelf

    Rex  Tian

      I want to use page shelf to show  the build dependency  for ProductA, Product B, ProductC.

      The dependency is ProductB needs to wait for ProductA; ProductC needs to wait for ProductB.


      I dragged the ProductType to the Page box. However, when I show ProductB, the ProductA will be disappeard. If I show ProductC, ProductB will be disappeared. Is there a way I can show the pervious BuildType when I select the next one.


      I want to see ProductA, when I show ProductB,and when I choose ProductC, ProductA and ProductB are shown up as well.


      Thank you in advance.

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          You can try adapting a filter for this purpose, or using custom calculation with a parameter.

          Page Shelf by definition can only show one page element at a time, but it has a history feature that can be used to show other elements.

          All depends on the structure of your data.

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