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    Bad Character?

    Shawn Wallwork

      (I tried searching but it looks like the search engine is down.)


      It's easier to create CASE statements in Word and then paste them into the Calculated Field text box. But I'm getting a 'Bad Character' error for all of the quote marks. I've tried different fonts. Saving as plain text, saving as Windows default text. What's the trick?


      CASE [Select Category:]


      WHEN “Overall Sat” THEN [Overall Sat]

      WHEN “Return” THEN [Return]

      WHEN “Recommend” THEN [Recommend]

      WHEN “Friendly Staff” THEN [Friendly Staff]

      WHEN “Knowledge” THEN [Knowledge]

      WHEN “Cleanliness” THEN [Cleanliness]

      WHEN “Informed” THEN [Informed]

      WHEN “Wait to Pay” THEN [Wait to Pay]

      WHEN “Recommendations” THEN [Recommendations]

      WHEN “Open / In Process” THEN [Open / In Process]

      WHEN “Total Comments” THEN [Total Comments]

      WHEN “Total Surveys” THEN [Total Surveys]





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          James Baker

          It does indeed look like you have "smart quote" characters there.  File format changes won't convert those particular characters - you'll need to replace them with basic quotes.


          When creating things in the future, you'll either have to tell Word to stop changing your quote characters (I think it's an "autocorrect" feature), or use an editor design for plain text, such as Textpad, Notepad++, Wordpad, etc.

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            Shawn Wallwork

            Thanks James, I'll do just that in the future. 'Smart Quotes' interesting oxymoron.