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    Moving (Average) Table Calculation Behavior - 7.0

    Chris Fort

      I've noticed on a couple of workbooks I've created (both in 6.0 and 7.0) that 7.0 seems to allow the moving calculation to go beyond the last actual data point when using a LINE chart marker style. In 6.0, the line stops at the last data point, as expected/desired.


      For example, I created a weekly sales viz using lines, with the YEAR being the mark color. The calculation is moving average, across pane, previous 3 values and include the current value. If it's week 7, the line will go to week 10, with week 10 reflecting the last actual data point value (i.e. week 7). Changing to a bar chart, the bars stop at week 7...


      Has anyone else seen this?


      See the attachments for what it looks like...