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    Running reduced selects through existing charts?

      Hi there,


      I'm having trouble finding existing forum topics to answer my question, perhaps because the answer is too obvious??


      I would like to know how I can can run a reduced select, or subset of my data through existing visualisations. I work in the humanitarian field, and below is an example of what I need to do:


      I am analysing the results of a household level needs assessment. I have numerous charts showing the responses to various question combinations, aggregated to administrative divisions and livelihoods (e.g. for each district and each livelihood in that district, the total number of 'yes' answers was...)


      What I would like to be able to do is use these various charts that I have set up, and apply them to subsets of the whole dataset. For example I would like to see the same chart, but once for respondents that were from femal headed households, once for households that have an annual income below x, et cetera. The variables that I would like to run the reduced select are in the data - I ran the tableau add-in for excel to normalise my data before opening it in Tableau - the geogaphic/livelihood categories that I have used to aggregate/disaggregate so far have been 'outside' the data (as specified during the normalisation process).


      As you can probalby tell I am new to tableau and struggling with this. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.