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    range for each bin

    Gavriel  Bernstein

      hi all,


      someone know if it possible to create for each bin a differnt range of value?

      for example: i want to show how many student got betwwen 90-100 and how many got between 65-89 and so on.

      tableau only let me to choose the range uniform to all of the bins.




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          Shawn Wallwork

          Hi Gavriel, the short answer is: no it is not possible to change the range, but this is the second question (request for) about this feature just this weekend. So I'm thinking it might be something someone (maybe you) should put in the Ideas forum so we can all vote on it (you've got my vote)



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            You might have some success with a custom-made binning calculation like:


            IF 0 <= SUM([Sales]) AND SUM([Sales]) < 5000 THEN '1 - 5 K'

                ELSEIF 5000 <= SUM([Sales]) AND SUM([Sales]) < 15000 THEN '5 - 15 K'

                ELSEIF 15000 <= SUM([Sales]) AND SUM([Sales]) < 50000 THEN '15 - 50 K'

                ELSE 'other'



            It works, but is not ideal and may cause some issues.