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    How using revenue in a self joining Market Basket Analysis ?

    Martin Daniel

      I follow this great post about how making a basket market analysis via a self join inside tableau (see here: http://kb.tableausoftware.com/articles/knowledgebase/market-basket-analysis).


      The previous tutorial uses number of lines to display the result. I would like to display calculated Cross Revenue in addition to this metric.


      For instance : if coffee (2€) has been sold with bread [1€), I would like to display at the intersection of coffee and bread (coffee on the row shelf / bread on the column shelf) 1€.


      My dataset is as follow :





      When summing the revenue measure, Tableau duplicates the result as self joining retrieve all possible combination at the product level.


      I tried a calculated field something like TOTAL(SUM([Source$Revenue])/COUNTD([Products]) but I cannot make it work at the transactionID partition.


      Any hints ?


      Thanks !