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    Is Tableau Connect to Lotus Notes file(.nsf) ?

    Emre Kartal

      Hi Everyone;

      Is anyone know how Tableau 7.0 connect to lotus notes files (.nsf) ?  I try many things to connect, but everytime I can manage the connection.

      I install NotesSQL, lotusnotes, etc.. but Tableau can't connect the files.

      If anyone knows how to connect Tableau to lotus notes, I will realy appriciate.

      By the way, this is very urgent, I need to make a POC to one of my customer. My competitor is Qlickview

      I will wait your answers

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          Tracy Rodgers

          Hi Emre,


          Tableau does not connect to Lotus Notes directly. However,

          it may be possible to connect to it through ODBC. The following links from our Knowledge Base articles describe ODBC and how to customize a database with ODBC so that Tableau can connect:






          Hope this helps!



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            Robert Morton

            Tracy's guidance is correct -- you will need to customize your ODBC connections to make it behave properly. Fortunately for Lotus Notes another customer has already gone through this process. Follow the instructions below to get a working connection through the "Lotus Notes SQL Driver (*.nsf)". You will need to create an extract after completing the connection in order to have full functionality and performance, since the NotesSQL syntax does not support the full functionality needed for a good experience in Tableau.


            We have an experimental mechanism for tuning Tableau's behavior for generic ODBC data sources, and another customer has been able to use this to create an extract from a Lotus Notes connection. This mechanism is known as Tableau Datasource Customization (TDC), which is detailed in the link that Tracy shared for our KB article on Customizing and Tuning ODBC Connections.

            To make use of this, start by downloading (and unzipping) the attached .tdc file.  You will need to place this file in the following location, and restart any open instances of Tableau to pick up the changes.

            For Desktop:

            • My Tableau Repository\Datasources

            For Server (note that the Server data directory differs depending on your OS):

            • C:\ProgramData\Tableau\Tableau Server\data\tabsvc\vizqlserver\Datasources
            • ...or the following for older systems: C:\Program Files\Tableau\Tableau Server\data\tabsvc\vizqlserver\Datasources


            I hope this helps,


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              Slobodan Lohja

              You can also turn on Domino REST services on the Domino server.  You can then get the data direct (faster) using a Web Data Connector.  The Domino server essentially is treated like a node.js server.  You can even build UI and mobile native apps against the REST api because it allows full CRUD and discovery.


              For example, you can hit the REST service at the server level to return you all the NSF files on the server.  You can then drill into the specific NSF files (Collections) and return JSON data of the documents.  Each JSON document has a url to the actual document to get all the fields, you can a lot with it.



              IBM Notes and Domino Application Development wiki : IBM Domino Access Services 9.0.1


              The Tableau Web Data Connector URL would be something like

              https://server.domain.com/filename.nsf/api/data/collections/name/viewname?count = 500000


              Make sure the user id / password is in the ACL of the NSF file at minimum read (and has read access to documents restricted at the document level - NSF security is very granular to the field level).

              Make sure the view your going after has a property set to allow for Data Access via the REST service.  By default Domino doesn't expose all the data on the server.  This gets very granular too on what the Domino Admin / Developers will allow you to consume.


              The Notes views are easily formatted, they can combine data fields, format them ahead of time so you do not have to do it in Tableau (faster reporting).


              The field names can be changed to whatever you want, so if the developers thought fname for the document field name, you can ask them to use FIRST_NAME.

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                Slobodan Lohja

                I wrote a blog about how to install the NotesSQL Driver with some screen shots.  There are different versions of the NotesSQL Driver dependent on what Domino server version you are using.  You want to download the right one.

                User Interface Design with XPages | Don’t forget about the NotesSQL driver

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                  Slobodan Lohja

                  Just a follow up.  I was able to create a Web Data Connector for Domino.  Tableau 10 and the Web Data Connector project on Github (Tableau Sample Web Data Connector) with the Simulator.  I am posting these 'tips' here because currently I do not have time for a full right up.  I can take a phone call and walk you through it, see my linked in link at the end.


                  Domino Readiness

                  • The Domino developers or administrators will need to turn on Domino Data Access services.  Domino is then just another storage service like MongoDB, Cloudant/CouchDB (closely mirrors a NSF but JSON store instead of XML), Hadoop supporting full REST data access (you can also then get to Calendars/Email/Free Busy time too).  This feature rocks and its point and click.
                  • Custom Views can be created for the purpose.  These are easy to create in Domino, point and click.  You can use Views to build are relational schema (normalize a Document).
                  • Create a directory 'wdc2' on the Domino server.  Example: D:\IBM\Domino\Data\domino\html\wdc2.  The 'html' folder is like Apache HTTP docs folder.
                  • Take the Github Sample WDC project and drop it into the \wdc2 folder.
                  • This does not circumvent Domino Security.  In fact nothing can.  Domino security is rock hard.  You will need to get Read access to the NSF file and have read access to the documents within it.


                  Tableau Sample Project

                  Create a HTML file YourNSFFormWDC.html

                  Create a javaScript file YourNSFFormWDC.js


                  Note; You will need to follow the instructions on how to create the Web Data Connector HTML and Javascript.



                  Using Tableau, create a new report, choose Web Data Connector for the data source, point the URL to https://dominoserverURL/YourSFFormWDC.html.


                  I have file access to the server, and I'm a XPages developer so for me.  It took 2 hours to end to end to figure it out.  If you need help please reach out on LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/slobodanlohja/


                  Note: I will be looking into making this easy with a XPages project on OpenNTF where the Domino guys can register all the REST APIs, so when a Data Scientist uses Tableau, you can remember one URL to point and click to pull in data from the Domino farm.