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    Problems creating tableau polygons from ArcGIS shapefile



      I have tried to create polygons from an ArcGIS shapefile but the result is not beautiful. I have followed the steps in "Creating tableau polygons from ArcGIS shapefile" using thr ET GeoWizard  but I still have some problems. The polygons are countries, and the problems appears with the countries which have islands. I'm using the country names and the OBJECTID (polygon number) on the level of detail but it is still not turning out as it should. Any ideas would be most appreciated!

      See attached files for details.


      (I know that I can use the built in geocoding for countries and provinces, but I want to display data for some countries on country level and for some on subregion (province) level. Maybe there is a way to do that using the regular geocoding?)


      / Matilda