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    Filtering and Layout Containers

      A few months ago we had our trusty Tableau consultant out and he was able to build out a dashboard that had multiple charts in one layout container. 


      Our company is broken up into regions, branches and managers.  At the bottom of this dashboard is a 13-month line chart showing the % of happy customers, by month.  When there were no filters applied to the dashboard, the line chart showed the metric for the entire company.  When I selected the North Central region, the chart showed the metric for just the selected region.  When I then selected a manager, the chart showed the metric for the selected manager in the selected region.


      I wasn't around when this was built out, but the way a co-worker explained it was that there were mulitple chars in the layout container, they just were 'squished' (his word) when the relevent filter was not applied.  I'd like to try and figure this one out before I go running to mama for help.




      Thank you!