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    Variable distribution using bins?

    Gareth Jones

      Hi All,

      I have a challenge that I really feel should be easy to do, but for some reason I can not make it do what I want.


      Basically, I have a column called "Total Transactions" which are of varying amounts, and I have varying bands I need each to fall into.


      This is my exact requirement for the bands:


      -1-1 -
      21 - 2
      53 - 5
      106 - 10
      2011 - 20
      5021 - 50
      10051 - 100
      200101 - 200
      500201 - 500
      1000501 - 1000
      100001001 - 10000


      I have created a calculated field to tidy up the records that are in the negative and above 10001.  However, I am now suck on how to get the BIN to accept it.  I have made it look like this:




      However I get the feeling that i'm really not using that for what it's for.  When I create a bin based on those parameters, it just says the values are out of range.  I would love to use this data in both column views as well as bar charts etc.


      I have read references to using a CASE statement to do this, but I haven't found any actual examples of how to do this.


      I hope that's everything - i'm using Tableau 7 off the back of an Access database.


      Thanks in advance!