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    Re-attach to a data connection

    Mark Andrews

      I have attached to 6 parts of an excel spreadsheet.  One of the sheets lost the attachment to the file.

      When I look at the properties everything seems okay - it is pointing to the correct sheet in the correct file.

      I can not find how to re engage the connection (e.g. refresh extract does not work)

      I have attached a picture (data is REV)

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          Russell Christopher

          Try this:


          1. In a new workbook, connect to the same section of the worksheet, and give this data source the same name as it is in your original workbook.
          2. Create your extract.
          3. Right-click the data source, and (in 6.1) choose "Export". (In 7.0, choose "Add to Saved Data Sources")
          4. Save the <DataSourceName>.tds file to your desktop.
          5. Drag the new TDS file you just created from your desktop into your old workbook. Assuming the data source name is identical to what already exists there, Tableau will give you the option to replace the "old/broken" one with the new one you just made.
          6. Enjoy the week-end.
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            Mark Andrews

            Thank you for your response Russell.  Hopefully they make this a little easier in the future.  One button got me here so I was expecting one button should fix it.


            I just wanted to confirm.  When I did step 1 it asked me if I wanted to overwrite my existing file.  Is this what you wanted me to do?  I just want to be careful because I have 6 other sheets and about 30 man hours in the getting the data ready.





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              Russell Christopher

              Hey Mark -


              I actually gave you a "longer but safer" mechanism since I wasn't sure exactly where your data sources were pointing. If the connection was simply pointing directly to the worksheet (you'd removed your extract by mistake), you could simply have recreated the extract.


              No, you probably don't want to over-write the existing TDS in case you need it (however you know better than I) .


              You can create the copy somewhere else.