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    Publisher of Data Source cannot access it from desktop

    Tim Latendress

      We are testing out the Tableau 7 Data Server and had a user create a Tableau Data Extract and publish it as a Data Source to Tableau Server. From Tableau Desktop, I selected Connect to data ==> On a server ==> enter Tableau 7 server info, the TDE showed up in a list and I connected to the data source with no problem.


      The user who published the data source followed those exact same steps and the TDE did not show up. I checked the Permissions for the data source (I am an Admin) but they looked fine. To troubleshoot the issue I checked "Allow" for every option but no dice -- he still could not see the TDE. So, I published a different TDE as a data source but he could not see that one either.


      Has anyone else experienced and solved this kind of problem?


      I appreciate the help!

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          Tim Latendress

          Problem solved -- sort of. There is a flaw in the design of the "Connect to data" screen. The initial screen shows a listing of Saved data sources. That list can grow quite long and take up most of the screen. That was the case for our user. When he connected to the Tableau Server Data Source the list of Saved data sources was so high up on the screen that it was covering up the list of data sources on TS. However, there was still enough white space below the TS header that it appeared there were no data sources. Unfortunately, you cannot manually adjust the divide between your TS data source list and the Saved data source list to uncover the TS data sources. (See attached screenshot)


          We discovered the flaw by deleting some of the older Saved data sources from the list. As that list grew smaller, the list of TS data sources were eventually exposed. I am not sure what will happen when the list of TS data sources is long enough that it collides with the list of Saved data sources below.


          This is something the technical team will need to address.