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    Moving Average or Averages Over Time?


      I'm trying to plot a graph that has dates, leads, and conversion rates.  I can get a 'daily conversion rate' by just creating a measure of leads/clicks, but on top of that, I want my graph to show the said period's cumulative average.  I want to see how my conversion over time changes through the month.  Is that possible? I know I can get my units and leads over time using a Running Total, but that doesn't seem to be the appropriate calculation to use when it comes to Average.  I've considered Moving Average, but that won't work for what I'm trying to do.


      Essentially, my visual needs to show the following:

      Primary X Axis: Leads (as a bar)

      Secondary X Axis: Average, Cumulative Average (as lines, distinguished by color)


      Plotted over Date



      Is this possible? Or perhaps there's another way of displaying this?