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    Set horizontal scrollbar rightmost?


      I waswondering if there is a setting so that we could set the horizontal scrollbar to begin from the rightmost point instead of the leftmost one.

      The reason is that, in case we produce a pdf extract of a report, only the leftmost columns are shown and not the rightmost ones which are the most interesting for us, since the lastest (and rightmost) data are the most interesting for us.

      Please help

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          Jonathan Drummey

          Just a couple thoughts, if the most recent data is of interest why not create view that either filters for the most recent data, or set up your sort to put the most recent data on the left instead of the right? You could even take the "full" view and "most recent data" view and put them on a dashboard, and have the PDF be of that instead.


          One of the habits I'm having to break out of in using Tableau is the "one chart/table to rule them all" mentality that comes from older software that took a ton of work to make one outputted result. Tableau quickly enables multiple views to be created for different purposes and dashboards let them be mixed and matched in interesting ways.



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            thanks for your answer. It may sound silly, but as I am quite new to Tableau, I wonder how I could find the "most recent data" view.

            And another question if I may. Is there a way to customize the exported PDF file? if for example I would like to generate a pdf with landscape orientation automatically...

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              Jonathan Drummey

              How most recent data is determined heavily depends on your data set - here's one way, based on date: put your chosen Date field on the Filter shelf and select Relative Date from the dialog, then pick the appropriate time period and anchor. Also, searching for "last N days", "last N weeks", etc. in the forums will provide a number of posts and examples. If you provided a packaged workbook with some sample data and specified what constitutes "most recent data", someone here could probably help.


              Tableau Server has some PDF export options that I'm not familiar with, I don't know of any way in Tableau Desktop to force PDF output to be landscape, I'd love to know how to do that myself!