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    Adjust Weekly Data for Fiscal Year Total

    Kurt Stephens


      I am trying to build a dashboard showing the YTD fiscal performance of a sales team and the weekly data that feeds into my dashboard is raw weekly data.  Per our finance team, 20% of the 1st week belongs in the prior fiscal year and therefore, I am trying to build a formula to adjust for this assumption.  I am pretty sure my formula is too basic, because I can get the correct result for views that show just week 1, but I can't get my totals or or views such as monthly to calculate correctly.  My formula is:  IIF(attr([Month-Week (text)])="Jan W1", sum(([Sales])*.8), sum([Sales])).  I've been struggling with a lot of different variations of formulas and/or functions without any luck. 


      Any help would be greatly appreciated. 


      Thanks, Kurt