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    Count categories across two fields

    James Pacey

      Hi all, I'm building a bubble chart and I am looking for a calculation that will return the count of records in several categories but the categories span 2 dimension fields, category 1 and category 2.


      For example:


      Category 1Category 2


      Performing a count on Category 1 (or using its CNT on the x axis and placing it on level of detail) would return:


      CNT A3
      CNT B1
      CNT C2


      Doing the same to Category 2 would return:


      CNT A1
      CNT B2
      CNT C3



      I want my calculated field to effectively sum the two and return this when placed on the bubble chart:


      CNT A4
      CNT B3
      CNT C5


      I imagine it's fairly straight-forward but I can't wrap my head around it!


      Thanks everyone