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    Learning about Tableau Data Extracts

    Nathan Schofield



      I am searching for the best resource to learn about Tableau Data Extract. My context is that I am dealing large data each month. I need to be able to analyse the cumulative data for all past and the current month. The approach I have taken is to use Tableau Data Extracts and then "Add Data from File" to append each new month data. I am having two key problems and want some resources to better learn about how to manage my data. My two key problems are:


      • If I have a large existing dataset (many months) and then I append a new months of data with a mistake I don't seem to be able to reverse this in any way. It seems that the data extract is a black box. Is this correct?
      • I am using packaged workbooks to share the results of my analysis. When I append data I have questions about the effects on the data extract and my packaged workbook.


      Look forward to your replies pointing me in the right direction.


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          You are correct about the fact that once you add data to an extract file, it cannot be deleted. If you make a mistake you must completely refresh your extract. My suggestion is that you put all of your monthly data into one file (probably excel) and make your data source point directly to that excel file. Then you can create an extract and set it to incrementally refresh based on some date field. If you ever make a mistake, then you can refresh the entire extract with one click. It sounds like you are taking the hard road by using the add from file feature to add new data each month. I would suggest that you instead append the rows for the new month to the end of the excel file. Make sense?


          You shouldn't have to worry about the packaged workbook. When you append data, your packaged workbook will automatically have those changes once you save as a packaged workbook and send it out.

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            Nathan Schofield

            Hi Michael,


            Thank you for your answer. Unfortunately that won't work for me. The monthly datasets that I deal with are huge. Some to big to be even viewed in Excel. This is the reason that I append them in the Tableau Data Extract. Nor can I generate one file each month with all of the data, again it would be too large. Are you aware of any resources that teach more about how data extracts interact with workbooks and packaged workbooks when updates happen? You see in the second or following month iterations of my current process I "add data to file" after right clicking on my data extract. It seems however, that the actual data extract is not updated, just the packaged workbook. I'm not entirely sure about this process. Any suggestions or pointers to good resources would be appreciated.