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    Advice on how to compare/exclude data from two sources

    Andrew Richardson

      Good morning all!


      I apologize in advance as Tableau is all new to me.


      Here's my conundrum:


      I have two data sources (both are excel files). I want to be able to take each set of data with dates and determine if there are any common companies among them. If yes, then I want to exclude those companies.


      For instance. List one has 10100 records with around 2200 companies. List two has 61000 records with around the same number of companies. If there are common companies, I want to exclude them. If not, then I want to look at ONLY those companies that are on list one.


      Hope this makes sense. Once I find this data, I know how I want to lay it out visually...


      Thanks SO much in advance for everyone's help!!