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    What is the easiest way to assign colors to data before/after the median across multiple measures?

    Abigail Abisinito

      I am working on a medians report using bars to represent percentages of progress among a number of constituents over a dozen measures.  I would like to color code the data dependent on whether a constituent's progress above or below the group median.  I have tried a couple different ways. 


      First, I made a T/F calculation.  This is fine, but I then have to make calculations for each measure and this is getting pretty busy in my Dimensions window.


      Second, I made multiple mark types and then pulled in each measure value for the color mark.  I edited the colors to be a step palette with 2 colors and adjusted the Advanced settings to center on the individual medians.


      Both of these work in practice, but is there an easier way to color assign this median data, possibly with the median as a dynamic field in itself? So, in other words, I could color assign data around all medians without having to individually designate the specific median for each measure.


      Thank you!