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    Filled Zip Code Maps!

    Shawn Wallwork

      Thank you 7.0 development team, the filled zip code maps are fabulous! (See attached) We will use this for every viz we do. Great job!

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          Eric Wolf

          Shawn -

          OK - this may be a newbie, idiot question - but how do you get the labels on your maps formatted as you do?

          I am on a deadline and hunting all over and not finding any ability to affect the labels on the map.

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            Shawn Wallwork

            Eric, rt-click the label, select format. The Format menu appears on the left of the screen. Change to the Pane tab and you can format font/color/bold etc.


            Since you're on deadline let me give you one quick warning: in the current build of 7.0 there is a bug -- if you re-position the labels (and you are using the generated lat/long) when you save the workbook (or package it) the new positions are lost. Tableau is aware of this and hope to have it fixed in maintenance release 7.0.2  The workaround I use is to create a LabelLat and LabelLong column in the data file and then use that to display the labels. This gives me the ability to tweak their locations until they don't overlap and are relatively centered in the zip or county. (This is of course a tedious process, not conducive to making a deadline. )


            Hope this helps.



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              Megan Guerra

              I can't figure out how to export the map to a image file, only see the option for PDF.  Or choose a custom zoom level.  Any suggestions?

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                Shawn Wallwork



                If you're working in 7.0 they moved it to Worksheet\Export\Image. There are some controls there, but choosing a custom zoom level isn't one of them. Let me know how it exports, I've never used this function.



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                  Megan Guerra

                  I did get it to export.  Thank you! 

                  An odd place to put the export function, but oh well.