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    Manual sort not working

    Zach Drew

      I am producing a simple table based dashboard for one of the managers to view open tickets and provide some visual cues when tickets are getting old and need attention.


      I have a table in a mysql database that is updated hourly.  one of the columns is status, it has 4 distinct values.


      I want it to sort in order, Escalated, Customer Action, Resolved, and Closed.


      When I set up the manual order, it doesn't affect the order of the sheet in any way.


      I have attached a screen grab showing my manual sort

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          Joe Mako

          You have a few options to get the sort you are looking for, including:


          - move the Status pill to be the first pill on the shelf

          - duplicate the Status field, and place this copy as the first pill, apply your sort, and then hide the header for this pill

          - create a calculated field that converts the the text value of the Status to a number, like a CASE/WHEN statement, and then sort your first pill, TicketID by the average of this calc field.


          there are a few other options as well that may be more appropriate depending on your situation.

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            Zach Drew

            Thanks for the suggestions, I will give it a shot.  I got pulled into some other issues and haven't had a chance to re-vist this yet.


            I'll post more when I pick it up again...being the only one really using Tableau in my organization is a blessing and a curse.