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    tableau server error unknown field date filter

    Vladislav Grigorov

      Dear friends,


      this is just to share some knowledge I gained today dealing with a dashboard published to Tableau Server. I have a map showing sales. It is filtered on the date dimension to include only 2011 data. Quick filter is shown as a slider, and everything works fine in the view as well as in the dashboard until I publish to Tableau Server. Then When I try to use the slider filter, the server throws an error "Attempt to access invalid field...". I delved through the forums, tried different browsers, shecked the date format and everything - hard luck. In the end, I tried using a calculated field to extract the year part of the date field, and then filtered on this year part instead. And voila - everything works smoothly. It seems there is some problem with how tableau server 7 handles the automatically created sql scripts for handling the date filters.


      Hope this helps someone, and all the best!