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    Dimension not displaying as expected

    Julia Gallagher

      I have a dimension that I can't get to behave the way I want it to.  I have tried converting it to a measure, but it just shows a count instead of the value I want.  The data field is a descriptive field indicating what title/level they worked at in that particular year. There would only be one value per year.  When I try to add it (as a dimension) to my table, it uses all the possible values in that field as column headers (see attached document).  When I try to convert to a measure, it just counts it.

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          This happens because you have 'Development Officer' dimension on the Page shelf. By design, Tableau will display all elements of any other dimension on the sheet for each element of Page dimension (in your case - a person), even if there is no data for those combinations of elements. In other words, in your case, for each page (person) Tableau will show all titles in the data, not only those related to this person.

          Try moving 'Development Officer' from Page to Filter shelf and see the difference. This would be a way to go, alternatively you can use parameters to achieve effect similar to Page scrolling, but without this side effect.