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    Sort the Date Ascending and Descending Order in the WorkSheet

    Abdus Saboor Ahmad


      i want to ask about the Date Ascending and descending order means

      using Columns names in 1 parameter and ascending/descending options in 2nd parameter after that create a calculated field in which is like

      Case [sort by column name]

      when "A1"then

      if [sort order by]=" ascending" then Sum(MONTH(DATE("1 "+[Month]))*10000+YEAR(DATE("1 "+[Month])) ) else -Sum(MONTH(DATE("1 "+[Month]))*10000+YEAR(DATE("1 "+[Month]))) End




      any solutions as above not working not sort Month,day,year wise sorting on the Month,Day,Period of Calendar,

      reply me @ asa.i060436@yahoo.com as well