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    What the heck does this mean -- cubes when not using a cube?

    Michael Cristiani

      Recently we provided a client with a packaged workbook containing an Tableau Data Extract. The workbook contains two dashboards. At the client's request, Automatic Updates are turned off. When the client opens the workbook in Tableau Reader, the first step needed to see anything in a dashboard view is to Update Dashboard. Immediately a Tableau information dialog appears with the following message:


      "Couldn't find a key during a dictionary lookup. The database may have changed or your cube may need to be processed. Please refresh your connection. If it does not resolve the issue, notify support@tableausoftware.com."


      When the client clicks "OK" to dismiss the dialog, all seems to work as usual, except that it seems some titles that depend on LOD or filter fields don't update reliably.


      The client is not changing any databases. What could the cube reference mean? Where does one find log files for Reader, since Tableau Support will be asking for them, no? Does the .twbx need to be saved to a local drive? Does this message look familiar to anyone else.


      BTW, we cannot duplicate this chain of events on our side, either with Reader or Desktop.


      Any help is greatly appreciated in advance.


      Peace and All Good!

      Michael W Cristiani