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    Help with IF statement

    Dawn Justen

      I am trying to create a calculated field which will result in an incremental application amount for two different types of applications (purchase or refinance).  I am getting an error in the below code:


      if (sum([ROLLUP_PURP_CD]) = "PUR" and sum([control]) = 0)

          then sum([Responders])*avg([Inc. Resp. Rate - Purchase])

              else sum([Responders])*avg([Inc. Resp. Rate - RFI]) end

      ERROR MESSAGE:  "Sum is being called with (string), it should be called with (float) or (interger)" and "Cannot mix aggregate and non-aggregate arguments to function"


      The other thing I thought might help would be to modify my ([ROLLUP_PURP_CD]) field from being "PUR", "REFI" to a number...but I don't know how how to do that either.


      I imported my data in a flat Excel file, so I'm not using any kind of ODBC connection.


      If anyone could recommend how to approach this/correct this...it would be great.