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    Refreshed extract returning 0 rows

    . Rsinghp

      Hi, For security reasons I cannot post my workbook so please bare with me and I will do my best to explain the situation.


      1. I have an extract built on custom SQL to sybase.  (using tableau's native sybase connection).  It works fine. 

      2. when I go to refresh it the same SQL returns 0 rows.

      3. If I create a new dataconnection with the same SQL and everything it returns the desired amount of rows.

      3b. If I use the same sql on the server it also returns the same amount of rows.


      I don't even know where to begin debugging this problem.  or is there a way around this issue.  The worksheets based on the old extract are pretty extensive (formatting, conditionals) so I can't just re-create this every month/3 months I need to refresh the data.  Please help.  Thanks!