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    Color Coding the Highest Value

    Chris Turnbull

      Hi All,


      I have a grid of which the top 2 lines are attached and I am wanting to highlight a lower value of 2.  EG If we take the %A*-A Column as an example I would want to highlight the 25.4% in Green as it is higher than the 20.5%.  Is this possible?


      I would then want to do the same for all subjects on the sheet.





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          Shawn Wallwork

          To the best of my knowledge individual rows and/or columns can not be formatted differently. This is an often requested feature in these forums. You might want to add it to Wouldn't if be nice... forum. --Shawn

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            guest contributor

            That is disappointing but thanks for letting me knw



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              Jonathan Drummey

              Steven McDaniel @ Freakalytics has written about highlighting, so I thought there might be a way around this, and there is using table calcs. The caveat is that you end up with an entire row or column highlighted since it looks like you are using Measure Names on the Columns shelf. What you can do is create a calculated field that uses the LOOKUP() function to find out the other value and then do a comparison, then put that field on the Color shelf. If you have more than one Subject, you're going to have to set the table calculation to calculate along Pane (Down) instead of Table (Down) to get each set of Grade Types to be appropriately calculated.


              I've attached a sample workbook.

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                Chris Turnbull

                Hi Jonathan,


                Thanks fo your reply.


                That would have been great but I probably didn't give enough information of what I am looking for as tere are other columns that would need highlighting where the the higher value may be the other line.


                Please find attached the spradseet that I am trying to replace.





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                  Jonathan Drummey

                  Here are two workarounds:


                  First, You can put each set of colored measures (A*-A, A*-C, A*-G) into it's own worksheet with the calculations, and then create a dashboard where the worksheets are laid side-by-side. The attached workbook shows how this can work, by playing with the formatting you can create a better illusion of continuity; however, the illusion is destroyed as soon as one of the views needs scrollbars because that changes the formatting within the one view and not others.


                  Second, you could use a mark label for the value and a color and/or shape-encoded mark to do this. (Props to Joe Mako in this forum post for a tutorial: http://www.tableausoftware.com/support/forum/topic/shape-alignment). You could reshape your data using every combination of Subject & Grade Type, with all the remaining values set up as different categories of one Measure. Then you could do the calculation to flag which values are higher or lower, and then have a calculation that only uses those results for the appopriate measures. Finally, use a custom color palette to "white out" the marks that you don't want to display. I set that up in the attached workbook as well. One caveat here is that the dashboard doesn't resize neatly (the columns have a fixed width) and the text is left-aligned, which is less readable. On the whole, though, I think I prefer this version.


                  This has been fun, I've been wanting to learn more about how to highlight particular bits of data in Tableau. I hope it's useful to you!



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                    Chris Turnbull



                    That is fantastic.  I aven't had to chance to work out how it is done or read the tutorials yet but at first look I love the shaped options.  Hopefully I will be able to add more Grade Type - should total about 8 in all and put a quick filter on the Grade Type.  If I can achieve that, it really will be what we want.  Thank you so much for showing me a way forawrd and giving me the links to the tutorials that will help me.



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                      Chris Turnbull



                      I have been doing battle with the attached for a while now trying to understand what is going on.


                      I would now like to enhance a little.


                      I will add a Totals Field and A*- A%, A* - C% and A* - G% into the Raw Data and Colour Code the %'s instead of the Totals.


                      When I add AH Session (The AH Colour Coding with AH Session sheet) - All as the displayed wrongly - Why is that?


                      What is the best practice for the nulls. - I would like it if they didn't appear on the Higher Lower filter.


                      How do I just show -  Current Higher, On Target and Predicted Higher in the Higher Lower Quick Filter


                      When Selecting Current Higher or Predicted higher keep only how do I keep the grade tallies showing.


                      Eventually what I want is the predicted with upto 6 AH Sessions below with the Higher or Lower Flag set for each AH Session after being compared to the prediction.


                      I would appreciate any help or advice - I am on a 2 day london course at the end of Feb and another at the end of March so all will become clearer but need this turning out now.  I have looked at a lot of videos but I am going round in circles a little.