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    Pareto chart with count instead of names on X-axis

    . engelstein

      I've got a chart showing customers sorted by sales, with two axes - sales per customer and cumulative.


      I would like to display rank #'s instead of names for the customer axis, so I can see how many customers correspond to what percentage of total sales (plus there are many, many customers).


      The 'advanced training' video on Pareto charts shows EXACTLY what I am looking for, and goes through it step-by-step, but when I try it on my data I get an error. It says 'Invalid filters on Measure values'.


      I also tried it on the Coffee Shop sample data (Products vs Sales) and while it did not give me that error, the procedure also did not work.


      Is it possible this is handled differently in the new Tableau, and that video is out of date?


      Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.