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    Simple division question

    Amy Song

      Hi there, I have 2 type of cargo, belly and freighter, and a total (with some other metrics in between).  I am looking to create share of each (% belly and % freighter) from the total cargo number.  In the attached example you see Alaska Airlines with 1750 metric tons of belly cargo and 134 metric tons of freighter cargo, totaling 1884 metric tons of cargo.  I created a calculated field to divide belly and freighter by total in attempt to get share (should be 93% and 7%) but instead it shows 287% and 13%.  The datasource does have several different months/years in it but I am unsure how that is affecting this calculation since the other data in the table look fine.  Thanks if you can please help out!


      Oh and just a heads up, this workbook was created in Tableau 7.