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    Capitalism Matters?

    Koon Yu Siu

      Hi I was wondering in tableau calculations, does capitalism matters?


      for some odd reason when i did a calculation similar to this IFF(UPPER('koon')='Koon',1,0) this worked.

      after that i deleted the calculation and re-making it with the exact calculation it didn't work, so i tried  IFF(UPPER('koon')=UPPER('Koon'),1,0)<-- This worked now. I am sensing there is a potential bug in tableau that sometimes it checks capitalism sometimes it doesn't?

      From what I know It would make sense if both needs UPPER. I just need to know if it's the capitalism issue I should be careful of? thanks :)

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          Shawn Wallwork

          Koon, I played around with one of my workbooks and I'm getting similar results, but mine are completely consistent.

          Specifically 'Total Population' is stored in a parameter, I get these results:


          CASE    [Select Demographic:]

          WHEN    'Total Population' THEN [Total population Number]  // Works

          WHEN    'total population' THEN [Total population Number]  // Does not work

          WHEN    UPPER('totaL PopulatioN') THEN [Total population Number]  // Works


          As I said, these are consistent results. You might have gotten inconsistent results because you made the same typo you made in your post: IFF instead of IIF. (I've done that one many times myself.)


          Hope this helps --Shawn

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            Joe Mako

            Depending on your data source, string comparison is or is not case sensitive. Sometimes depending on the exact situation, this can effect creating an extract and if you create the formula before or after the extract, and if you refresh the extract it may evaluate differently. Tableau tries to be consistent, but I have experienced some inconsistencies in past.

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              Koon Yu Siu

              Thanks Shawn and Joe. I think I figured I better convert everything to either upper/lower to decrease the chance of inconsistency.