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    Aggregates on Aggregates

    Paul Claseman

      I am attempting to get Median values on data that I have already aggregated and am getting an error that says the argument is already an aggregate and cannot be further aggregated.


      I created a much simpler data set to show the issue.


      Here is the data:

      client    order    item    amount

      a    111    x    10

      a    111    y    20

      a    222    x    10

      a    222    z    30

      a    333    w    60

      b    444    x    20

      b    555    x    20

      b    555    y    30

      b    666    z    40


      What I want is the average and median order amounts by client - like this:

      client    ave order amt    median order amt

      a    43.33    40

      b    36.67    40


      For the ave, I can get around this by creating a custom calculation to get the right number, but I can't for the median.


      So I need to roll up to the client/order level before I can do this calculation.  I would prefer not to do this in the data source so I am looking for assistance.


      I am attaching my workbook.  THanks in advance for any help you can provide.