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    Tableau server performance view debugger/tuner

    Alex Blakemore

      We're often struggling to see what we can do to speed up views on Tableau Server. Its the major hurdle to wider success. Interactive graphics are only useful if they are fast enough to be, well, interactive.


      Its hard to guess where the bottleneck might be -- database, amount of data, generating the viz, tuning server params, time to increase the number of cores, server has too little memory, something on the network, ... what?


      One thing that help would be some tool a viz developer could use to help understand where the performance bottleneck is and even give suggestions on how to improve. I'm envisioning something like FireBug, but much simpler,  that ran in a browser beside the viz, and helped give insight into the amount of data, time for each stage, stats on server etc.


      Some of that info might be helpful in desktop too. Or maybe something designed more for the server admins instead of viz developers.


      The main point is that its currently very easy to build a very slow viz for Tableau Server, and although there may be many good features such as extracts to improve performance, its still hard trying to figure out exactly how to speed up visualizations or server configurations. The answer might be just more documentation or case studies. Any help would useful.