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    Full zip code (9 digit) support

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      I'm able to quite easily (thank you Tableau team) display results by 5-digit US zip code, where Tableau auto-generates lat/long results. However, when thrown the full 9-digit zip (in either 'xxxxxxxxx' or 'xxxxx-xxxx' form), Tableau fails to plot anything meaningful. Does Tableau support the 9-digit zip? Alternatively, I'm thinking of pairing another dataset in Excel, using vlookup in excel in order to associate 9-digit zip to lat/long, but given that my work is on a national scale, auto-generation would save hours if not days. 


      After searching the forums and the web, I've not found a similar topic; please excuse my question if this has already been answered or addressed in the past.


      Thank you so very much for your help and, of course, this wonderful product.