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      Hello friends -


      I was wondering if anyone has figured out a way to perform a jitter operation inside tableau; i.e., if I have points that stack up on one another and I'm OK with some movement along an axis in order to display both points, is there a way to get there in Tableau.  I haven't figured it out yet. 





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          Richard Leeke

          What sort of chart?  (i.e. what mark types, continuous or discrete axes, number of marks, etc, etc).


          Maybe include a screenshot.


          Pretty sure someone will come up with a way of conveying the information.

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            Hi Richard Leek -


            See the attached file for an example.  I'd love to be able to display the text for both values in Remount Module or Not Dead, but I can't find a way to get there.  I'd be OK with either vertically jittered numbers, or larger vertical bars for my classification set and movement up and down for the shapes.  I could probably get another graphic type to make the visualization happen, but I was reading a book about displaying information and jittering was mentioned pretty early on as a way to get your points visible if they stack on one axis.


            Any insight is appreciated.  Thanks.



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              Richard Leeke

              How about just including the dimension that you have on the colour shelf as another field on Rows as well.  You can either show it explicitly, or hide the values (by unchecking show header) and use that to generate the vertical separation, as in the 2 attached images.

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                Hi Richard Leek -


                That was too easy! 


                Thanks again.  You're two for two in getting me up and running!



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                  Richard Leeke


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                    Alan Eldridge

                    I got asked this question by a partner the other day and put together the attached workbook. Overlapping points can be "jittered" out in a circular pattern from their original location. This example allows you to set:

                      - Jitter on/off - plot at jittered locations or their original locations

                      - Spread rotation - allows you to spin the jittered points to avoid overlaps

                      - Spread factor - how far to spread the points (useful when zooming out)

                      - Cluster sensitivity - allows you to define clusters of close data points (again - useful when zooming out)


                    It's shown with a scatter chart but it would be easy to extend this to a mapping scenario. Hope you find it useful.




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                      Hi Alan E. -


                      That is very clever!  This really opens my eyes on some ways you can make this program dance.


                      Thank you.


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                        Just a comment: another proof that Tableau can be bent and hacked every which way.

                        Really neat solution, Alan! Great job.

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                          Alex Kerin

                          To add to this (old) thread, Steve Wexler has a good blog post about this using index() on an ID to create the jitter (I’ve Got the Jitters (and I Like it!) | Data Revelations). If that doesn't work, I suggest this in the comments:


                          Here's a good one - plotting total hours worked by index based on employeeID. Should work fine, no? No, a tail is created because (of course) employeeIDs appear later in the data for new employees, so those hired halfway through the data period will have a lower total hours and appear to the right side...



                          One way I've dealt with this is to use a mod function on the index that provides a suitable spread for the width of the data: index()%100 for example



                          While nowhere near as comprehensive or configurable as the example on Russell's link (Alan's tbwx above), it's a little simpler.

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                            Keith Helfrich

                            Hi Alan,


                            I would like to use your jittering approach on a map, but I'm finding that I can't generate the "New X Coord" and "New Y Coord" values because Tableau won't let me create any calculated fields on top of the Latitude (Generated) and Longtitude (Generated) pills.


                            I'm assuming one approach would be to copy the generated Lat / Long values out & paste them back in again as a clipboard data source.  This would at least let me perform calculations on top of them.  But I'm wondering: is there a nicer way to jitter overlapping points on a map in Tableau ?



                            Keith Helfrich | Twitter

                            Red Headed Step Data

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                              Facing a similar situation, did you end up ever getting a solution, re: map jittering?

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                                Steph Swierenga

                                hey, i've seen jitter dealt with in a slightly different way. rather than randomly shifting points around, you can convert the scatterplot axis measures to dimensions and move the 'Number of Records' measure to the size shelf. select marks to circle and you get a nice density representation.



                                Screen Shot 2015-10-16 at 3.25.10 PM.png

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                                  Ravindra Zinjad

                                  Hi Alan,


                                  your solution is working very well, bingo! but somehow I am not able to see your code.

                                  we can see only dashboard and sheet but not calculated fields.


                                  can you please post detail worksheet.




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                                    Hi Alan


                                    i have seen you workbook with jitters example  in this example i  have not seen formula new X coord and y coord

                                    can you please mention the measure which you used with jitters it will help me a lot...




                                    thanks in advance