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    how to customize a map?

    john smith

      How to customize a map that is not USA?


      e.g. I have some data related to each of the 13 districts of a city in China. How to create this map in Tableau Public?



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          Joe Mako

          You can add the lat/lon coordinates into your data source. If you can provide a sample file that represents what you have, an example can be provided.

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            Vera Mund

            I have the same problem/question, only with a Spanish city. The thing is the long/lat info I find for the neighborhoods is very often the same (41.387.917, 2.169.919). Would be great to know if anyone has an idea how to solve this problem.

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              Alex Kerin

              http://www.gpsvisualizer.com/geocoder/ This tool is very useful. When you bring the data back into Tableau, make sure the columns for Lat and Long are:





              with the capital letters

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                Joe Mako

                Vera, what do you want for a result?


                Do you want these neighborhoods to be plotted at the same point, or at different points?

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                  Vera Mund

                  Alex, awesome link, thank you!

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                    Vera Mund

                    Joe: I have data on citizens per neighborhood, so I'd need to visualize it as e.g. pie charts or bubbles per neighborhood. All on one map. 

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                      craig lucas


                      I am facing the same challenge. If you figure out how to do this let me know. In my case I have regions within our country that are custom defined by the business departments. Each set of regions needs to be viewed on a map. I have already done the work to custom plot the boundaries of each region, but what I cannot find a way to do is overlay charts or measures over the top of that. The other issue is that tableau wants to work with 1 table...so when you try to join the region polygon data to the sales data (or whatever the measure is) it duplicates all the rows which makes the measures way off...


                      If anyone has a way of doing this that would be great.  I think this would be a common task or it would be used commonly if it were built into Tableau. I am sure that most companies have regions or groups of states where they want to track results visually.



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                        Joe Mako



                        Sorry I missed your post, can you provide a sample data set that represents your situation?




                        I am not sure what you are looking for in an end result, can you mock something up that represents the end result that you are looking for? also can you provide a sample data set that represents your situation?

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                          craig lucas



                          One of the issues I am facing is that in order to map regions like this you have to supply a dataset that has the points that define the boundaries of each region. No problem. However, you cant join any other data with it because the number of points is not equal to the number of rows in my "real" data set.


                          For example, the number of points that defines the west region is 200. But the number of rows that has the sales data for the west region is 6. When you join these two sets together it makes 200 rows and duplicates all the sales amounts...rendering the data useless

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                            Joe Mako

                            does the height and width of the white areas represent anything?


                            If they are just an artifact of the mock up process, then I believe I may have a method for getting both the polygons and the number label on the display at the same time. Also I can show you how you can have one data file for your region/state polygons, and another for your data so you do not need to worry about data duplication.

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                              craig lucas

                              No that was just sloppy MSPAINT editing. It was just an example to show that I want to overlay #'s over custom defined regions


                              If you have an example I would love to see it!

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                                Joe Mako

                                So I have been thinking about attempting this ever since I saw Alex's post at The specified item was not found. and this was a great opportunity to experiment. Thank you for the great question, it prompted me to begin refining a method.


                                Attached is what I came up with. Be aware this is a first pass at the concept, so it may not be durable in all situations, but you can see some of the possibilities.


                                See: The specified item was not found. for a zip file of the raw polygon file I used.


                                Table calculations across a data blend is an interesting thing, you can write the calc in the secondary, but it is partitioned by dimensions in the primary. This will be a fun topic to explore more. A red triangle on the pill represents this situation.


                                If you or anyone else needs help recreating this display from scratch, please start a new thread, and provide sample data that represents your situation. I would be glad to explain more in a dedicated thread.

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                                  craig lucas



                                  Thanks a ton for getting this whipped up so fast. Care to write up a quick walk-through of how you got to this end state? I figured it had something to do with adding multiple axis to the dashboard, but couldnt figure out how to achieve that. A step by step tutorial would probably be really helpful to a lot of people. I think when we finish we should share in tableau public :)



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