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    How to sum all elements in a dimension - and then display this sum together with those elements?

    Andrew Phillips

      Hi - I have a dimension in my Tableau workbook called 'Country'.

      It has elements for European countries - FR, UK, SP, PL, BE, CH, RO, SK, PT, AT ..


      When I put this dimension into the column section of a workbook, it shows columns for each element.

      If I add Row Grand Totals, or Group the elements then I get a total for all Countries.


      I'd like to create a separate element 'Europe' = UK+FR+SP+PL+BE+CH+RO+SK+PT+AT. I'd also like to create other elements that did not all up all elements (e.g. Top4 = UK+FR+SP+PL)

      I'd like to be able to have columns with Europe, Top4 as well as the other elements of Countries (if I Group them I no longer see the individual elements as well; if I choose Row Grand Totals I get the total of all columns and not part of them ..


      Is there a way to create such elements that represent a Grouping of elements in a dimension and then display them in a table together with the sub-elements?

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