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    Measures and dimensions greyed out

      We have a problem using measures and some dimensions from a SSAS cube in Tableau.


      Our scenario:


      We are connecting to a SSAS 2005 cube with Tableau professional. De cube contains 4 dimensions and 2 measure groups.


      I have attachted a picture of the structure.


      When connected to the cube with an empty workbook all dimensions and measures are available. If we set a filter on dimension 4 the measures of measuregroup A will be greyed out. We can still add the measures to the workbook, but we get a warning message(Warning: This measure is incompatible with one or more of the dimensions in this view). When we do the same in Reportserver or in MS Excel for example, we are able to use the measures. If we set a filter on a measure from measuregroup B the dimensions 1 and 2 are greyed out and give them same error.


      If we create calcutaled measures from the measures, then the problem is solved. In this way we need to change all of our cube structures and that is the last thing we want to do.


      Is there a solution for this problem?

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          Lu Sien Tan


          A grayed out dimension (tableau dimension) or measure means that the it is compatible with something that's already in the view (just as the warning hinted. Yes you should still be able to drag the grayed item, but it will display values that are not very useful.


          Though, I still haven't understood your question completely. Are you saying that MS Excel shows different compatibilities (measure group interpretation)? One thing to watch out here is that while Excel organizes measures based on the measure groups, Tableau organizes measures based on the display folders.

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            . Danihp

            hi Thijs,


            may be a cube data dimension usage screen shot  can help.



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              Hello Lu Sien Tan,


              Thanks for your reply. The issue I explained, is not an issue in Excel.

              The image I posted in my first post is the situation of my Dimension Usage.


              There is not a relation between dimension 4 and measure group A. The same situation appears for dimension 1 and 2 and measure group B


              The only thing I want is to filter dimension 3, by setting a filter on Measure group B. I only want to see the relevant values of dimension three from measure group A and the relevant values of Dimension three.


              When I do that, the dimensions 1, 2 are greyed-out en tableau give us the message “WARNING: This measure in incompatible with one or more of the dimensions in this view”


              But we still want to use in the same view the dimensions 1 and 2 and the Measures from Measure group A. In Excel am I able to use all my objects independent of my selections.

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                Andrew Peterson

                I'm looking over a trial of Tableau against a 2008 R2 SSAS cube, and found this same issue.  A good example would be to envision a sales measure that has an Order dimension.  Under the Order dimension is a hierarchy for the Order Attribute ‘Order Status’.  The status attribute includes such types as Open, Billed, In-Process, etc.  In this way, we can use the Order Status attribute to get to Billed orders, Open orders, In-Process Orders or all.  (note: this data mart is refreshed frequently, to provide business insight into the changing sales activity, so we do need the Order status attribute)


                We also have a Budget measure. The Budget measure does not have an order dimension nor a status attribute. Budgets are not associated with orders or a status attribute type.


                Now,  let us try to compare the sales measure with the budget measure.  And, for our example, we just want ‘Billed’ sales, not all sales.  To do this, we filter on the status attribute of the order dimension against the sales measure.  Next, we include the budget measure. And we include a date dimension to filter on a current month. You can do this comparison in Excel 2007 and the devExpress XtraPivotGrid component. But, Tableau will not let you do this level of comparison.  It reports that the Budget Measure is incompatible with the Order Status filter, and thus will give us the warning that the measure is incompatible. 

                I suspect is a 'by design' implementation, but it prevents Tableau from being as useful as it could be.  Whether this is a design problem, a bug, or something else, it limits our use of Tableau, and could be a show stopper.