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    Excel Export: Two options to massively improve this functionality

      The export to Crosstab option is minimally okay, but let's face it... it's limited and can be brutally ugly at times. As an example:

      - you have a table displaying revenue

      - you're coloring the cell background by profit

      - to populate the tooltip text you have added to the Level of Detail:

      + + revenue last year

      + + sales person

      + + change in revenue,

      + + some conditional text fields


      Now if you export to crosstab, the crosstab contains all of these values and is an unholy and unreadable mess.


      I see two options to fix this... either one would be great, but some combination of both of them would be superb.

      Option A: Choose which Measures & Dimensions are included in export to csv

      Similar to choosing what is included in tooltip text, it would be great to choose what is included in export... this would allow you to produce a csv that is similar in structure to the displayed table.


      Option B: Produce an XLSX file that looks like the table in Tableau

      Ignore everything that's in the level of detail. Simply produce an xlsx file that looks just like the table that Tableau displays. Drop anything that's not going to translate well to Excel (so keep cell coloring, but don't include sizing, etc)

      This doesn't need to be developed from scratch... there are libraries out there that can help with this effort.


      Option C: Self-built custom solution

      We are so unhappy with the current export options that we are about to develop our own workaround that will involve exporting to pdf, and then converting that pdf to a nicely formatted excel doc. We'd prefer not to do this, but...

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