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    Dimension hierarchy, dashboard filters and focus

    Igor Kaludjer

      1. Having dimension hierarchies is great: it lets you drill down and roll up, you get performance gains, information is presented in a more compact way, and so on... It's a shame that they are available only for dimensional data sources. Why not enable Tableau users to create hierarchies from relational data? Instead of having two dimensions: Product level 1 and Product level 2, we could just say that the latter is a child of the former and treat it as one dimension. Then we could drill down and roll up just as we do with Date fields. We could expand just those member of a dimension that we want instead of the whole dimension. We could also have hierarchical filters with a tree control.


      2. Dashboard with quick filters are a great feature. Often you want one filter to control more sheets on the dashboard. This can be done with a global filter, but sometimes you don't want that. You want a filter on a dashboard level.


      3. Reader has no "Clear manual sizing" option so when you use the focus tool the only option you have to get back to the original view is the undo, which is not very logical. And if you do anything after the focus such as filtering, you need to undo those operations first.