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    Radio buttons conflicting with each other

    Anupam Jain

      If I have a few radio buttons (single-select quick filters), they seem to be conflicting with each other resulting in no data off and on. Here is what I mean:


      Lets say I have the 3 radio buttons (single select quick filters):




      - Option A

      - Option B




      - Option 1

      - Option 2

      - Option 3




      - Option a

      - Option b

      - Option c


      RB1 is a context filter and RB2->RB3 is a hierarchy. 'Show relevant values' is enabled so that options stay relevant at any given time.


      Now, for example, if I select Option A, Option 2 and Option b, it will show me the corresponding data on the charts. But now when I go back and select Option B, it will blank out the charts and will not show any options in RB3 as RB2. Apparently, the reason is that Option 2 and Option b are still selected in the memory and there is no data at the intersection of Option B, Option 2 and Option b. But what we really want is that after selecting Option B, it shows the corresponding available options in RB2 and RB3 (like Option 1 and Option c) but that isn't happening.


      Eager to get any help.