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    Howto....Multiple Geographic roles in the same Excel file?

    Claude Bonnard



      I have what I expected to be a simple problem: localizing a product in multiple regions and to visualize the number of it.


      But, the distribution is not limited to countries with (as far as I know) the same system of geographic roles. Some are in the US, where a CBSA/MSA will describe the distribution with a state detail,

      in some places, I have more detailed information, for instance the NUTS (Europe) for Switzerland, and only the country code for other countries, even in Europe.


      How should I prepare the date in order to let Tableau use the available information to compute the coordinates?  Needless to say that the individual codes are valid: I can use FR (for France) and CH for Switzerland, but when I use CH011 to define a state in Switzerland, neither FR date, nore US date are displayed.


      Any idea?

      Thanks for your help!!